About Revelation Speaks Peace

Starting in 1929, the Voice of Prophecy has been bringing the world simple, easy-to-understand Bible teaching. For more than two decades, Shawn Boonstra has been presenting Revelation Speaks Peace to audiences all over the world.

Now Shawn and the Voice of Prophecy are bringing Revelation Speaks Peace live to Puyallup.

We’ve just seen the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and some experts are starting to wonder if we’re not going to see another big market correction in the near future. America’s national debt has hit record highs—and short of a major crisis, it’s hard to see how we’re ever going to dig our way out.

And if that isn’t bad enough—we’ve got brand new worries in the Middle East. Just when looked like maybe we’d gotten Al Qaeda under control, suddenly, you’ve got ISIS trying to build a new caliphate, and tensions in the world’s biggest trouble spot are now as bad as ever: hostages getting beheaded on YouTube—grisly pictures of people actually being crucified in the town square—tensions between Israel and the Muslim world getting worse by the day.

What should we make of it? Is this some kind of harbinger of the end—some sort of signal that the world is about to go through a major upheaval—that life as we know it is about to change forever?

What about the recent disclosures that our own government has been spying on us—not just listening to the phone calls of foreign heads of state—but listening to our phone calls—reading through our emails? Does this mean that George Orwell was right? Have we finally moved into the world of Big Brother? Is your liberty really at risk—and what should you expect to happen next?

With so much going on—with headlines changing every day—with fears about global climate change—and unprecedented disasters like the Japanese tsunami—or Hurricane Sandy—well, a lot of people have been taking another look at an old book that’s tucked away at the end of the Bible—a book that claims to have a blueprint of the future. Even people who used to laugh at the idea that the Bible might be relevant to OUR world? They’re not laughing anymore, because things are changing so fast, and it’s getting harder and harder to explain what’s going on.

Is it really still business as usual?

Should we be taking the book of Revelation seriously?

Every year, the Voice of Prophecy chooses one or two cities—somewhere in the world—to present our live Revelation Speaks Peace seminar&mdashp;a special workshop where you’ll get all the tools you need to understand Bible prophecy for yourself. We’re not going to speculate; we’re just going keep our feet—and our minds—planted firmly on the ground, and we’re going to take an honest, objective look at this subject.

What does Revelation actually say? Can you really understand it?

This event is designed for people with a busy lifestyle. It won’t matter if you’ve been studying this kind of thing for decades, or if you’ve only just started thinking about it right now. Our promise: going to get something out of this. Most people tell us that they learned more in a few nights than most people learn in a lifetime.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Revelation Speaks Peace is coming live to the Pacific Northwest. This seminar has been presented all over the world—and now it’s finally your turn. All you need to do to participate is reserve your seat. This seminar is absolutely free, but seating is limited, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your seat right away!